A Shoebox Full of Love.

Matilda loves to play with baby dolls. She has a few of them, one for the bath, one in her bed, one in the playroom, and lately I’ve been finding them in funny places. Sometimes they are laid on her bed, covered with a blanket, sometimes on the floor, or her favourite place, on one of my bookshelves covered with a facecloth as a makeshift blanket.

I had to get this kid a bed for her dolls, its a little sad really. I headed down to the basement, where there is quite a horde of Sophie’s old toys that she has grown out of, I’ve always meant to get rid of them, but there’s always been something else to do. I found a tiny little bed that came with a Cabbage Patch doll and brought it up for Tilda to play with.

It worked out alright for a little while, but she kept putting her hand between the cardboard and the plastic and getting it stuck, and the biggest problem was that it was too small for her favourite doll, Baby Anna. She would try to jam her doll into the small plastic bed and get frustrated really quickly. As anyone knows, a frustrated almost two year old is not a lot of fun to deal with. I decided that I could fix this; I have fabric, I have a sewing machine all I needed was a shoebox, or more specifically a boot box. Baby Anna HAD to fit in this bed. I grabbed some of my extra fabric, some fiberfill, hauled out my sewing machine and got to work.

It was a fast project, and not too precise. I didn’t use a ruler or a measuring tape, I didn’t pin my pieces, I just traced my box, I cut, and I sewed. A project for my baby girl, I didn’t need anything more than love, and the ability to sew a straight line, thankfully I have both. It only took me about an hour, which was a “mommy hour”, meaning that in that time I also changed a bum, got some snacks, put on a movie, and found a toy buried in the bottom of the toy box.

In the end we had a mattress, a pillow and a blanket for baby Anna. It might not be as pretty as a store bought dolly bed, but Matilda loves it, and there is just something about making something with my own two hands for my kids that is incredibly rewarding.

Night night, baby Anna.